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The Customer Relationship Management Knowledge Management Center has been established with the aim of continuously developing and transferring knowledge of Customer Relationship Management, which is a continuous and continuous relationship that leads to loyalty and profitability.

Many managers and organizations have recognized the need to attract and retain customers for their organization, and they consider it to be “survival” and “growth”, and they seek “insight, knowledge and the right way.”

The Customer Relationship Management Knowledge Center has consistently enhanced its mission of facilitating managers ‘and experts’ knowledge of the most up-to-date and applied knowledge of the most important and most effective business logic of today’s business, customer orientation. The native acquisition of this knowledge using the acquired experiences and modeling is the most important “continuous” goal.

Although having CRM software is very important and organizations are entering CRM knowledge more than the software route, they need to create infrastructure, increase knowledge, need to be measured and track in the establishment and monitoring before and during and after. “Continuously” with the experience of creating knowledge, infrastructure and synchronization in the establishment of organizations that has come with the help of its experienced team, will help you reduce the risks of deployment and be smarter than the benefits of CRM in all its dimensions. do.
An experience you will constantly and fully “continuously” include:
• Practical training
• Scientific materials updated
• experiences
• Webinar
• Presence in virtual and virtual classes
• Access to content on a variety of social networks
• Access to various resources in the form of text, audio and image, print and electronic books
• Categorization of content for different categories of organization and people with different levels of knowledge
• Prepare job seekers to engage in customer-oriented organizations

Customer Relationship Management Knowledge Center “is continually” ready to provide consulting and training services before, during, and after the implementation of CRM projects.

“Continuous” is in sync with you so that CRM can be deployed in an orderly and effective manner, resulting in a customer-oriented organization and loyal customers.

“Standing” is a continuous and continuous companion of organizations that have recognized the importance of the customer and will continuously value them.

“Continuous” is the continuation of basic knowledge, empiricism and humanity in the field of customers.