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Every year in our country, various events take place to identify, introduce and eventually encourage clubs and athletes at different levels, in addition to celebrating the elites and sports choices, encouraging the sports community to engage in productive activities. Also is.
But what is felt as a need in the meantime are activities that examine the performance of sports clubs with a scientific, cultural and social responsibility approach, so that they can see the true link between science and practice in the professional market of the profession. . A method that can lead to the introduction of scientific indicators in the activities of sports clubs to be the cause of entrepreneurial changes in the country’s sports community.
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences of Tehran University in pursuit of its social mission to promote the scientific level and development of specialized services in the field of sports, to organize the granting of a national statue of the club with a scientific, cultural and social approach and with the active participation and cooperation of the Ministry Sports and Youth. What can be done by establishing links between universities and clubs is the goal of bringing the scientific community into the operational field of sport and providing valuable opportunities for both groups; the scientific and practical community of the sport sector.
Therefore, all sports club managers in all disciplines are invited to register for their favorite indexes in order to nominate their club to receive a national club statue.