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AlmasMagazine Web Design

Sixteen years ago, Almas magazine, the first specialized publication in the field of tile and ceramic industry in the country, aimed to play the role of information and culture in this industry. Over the course of these 15 years, after numerous ups and downs, and passing through the tough stages of publication, this paper is still being published and distributed as one of the most important specialized journals in the industry. In the past four years, with the goal-oriented campaign, Diamonds has been able to act in addition to domestic distribution in the international arena. For this purpose, in collaboration with internationally renowned exhibitors, this publication has become the first and only specialized magazine to receive exhibitions and exhibitions: CHERSAI (Italy), TECNARGILLA (Italy), CEVISAMA (Spain), BATIMAT (Russia), UNICERA (Turkey) and many other international fair exhibitions, which made it a very good feedback among the audience.